VéroniqueBellamy.fr… Coming on Monday!

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I must admit with sadness that my time at Greystone Technology has ended and it comes time to engage in the job search. As a web developer, the fact that my professional website hasn't been launched yet is a source of some shame for me. But since every day is a new opportunity, it is time to develop an amazing personal portfolio website… from scratch… before Monday. And I'm going to be liveblogging the process.

Why haven't I done this until now?

The reason I haven't done this until just now is due to the fact that I've been having some issue with SiteGround's implementation of Let's Encrypt, which does not support punycode domain names. So, while I could get a SSL certificate for veroniquebellamy.fr, I could not get one for véroniquebellamy.fr. I could let my stubborn Frenchness keep me from working on this while I sort out the issue with the Punycode domain name… but I feel that would not serve me well at this moment.

So, where can you follow along?

Well, you can follow along here or on my GitHub repository for the theme (kawaiidesune/vbdotfr). I should be committing new changes to the theme as I make them throughout the day. Though, I might not be able to make that many this morning with the blinds in my home office broken so I can't retract them.

These are the broken shades in my home office.
Blinded by the light!

But that does not mean I won't be making other decisions concerning my site. Primarily, I'm going to be sketching out ideas for the design of vb.fr and working on implementing them.

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