Adventures in Designing, Episode 1: Attack of the 50-Foot .design-1 Element!

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So, as I started to design and implemented Bootstrap, I noticed one thing that was still troubling me… The size of the titles for each of the new posts when I implement the design-1 class.

Compared to the rest of that text, that header is HUGE!

Needless to say, to affect some of the changes I wanted to make, I had to make style changes that override what is already set it bootstrap.min.css (I'll optimize it later) but suffice it to say, I'm not thrilled about presenting an inefficiently coded site at the moment. Not to mention, I'd like to cut this h1 element down to size.

I've also started to implement the Bootstrap 4 navigation bar but for full integration, I'm going to need to write a walker class so that WordPress will cooperate with Bootstrap's schema for what they want a menu to look like. I'm also thinking about where I can put that search bar and how to redesign the index.php template.

So tomorrow, my goal is to fix how images render in this theme and work on some of the custom category designs.

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