About Véronique Bellamy

Véronique Bellamy is not just your run of the mill web developer. No, she is much more than that. She has skills across a number of disciplines making her an exemplary project manager, a visionary web designer and a proven DevOps professional, which makes her Colorado’s most awesome full-stack web developer.

First and foremost, she’s a developer

While she has a number of skills, her native environment is in the code base. She got her entire post-secondary education in Computer Science and has been focused primarily on her career as a developer for over a decade. She has also been working on websites for 20 years, teaching herself HTML in 1998 and then teaching herself CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

And no, she doesn’t make a habit of talking about herself in the third-person

It just seems to be the best format for an about page.

… Sorry.